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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control.

Fact: Unless you hire a professional, you cannot achieve the appearance you really want for your lawns and landscaping.
Our Fertilization and Weed Control program includes a full analysis and inspection by our fully trained and licensed lawn care technician. He will present you with a custom plan for your propterty. During each timed visit, he will apply just the prescribed nutrients to your lawn throughout the year. All GreenTex lawn care services are satisfaction guaranteed. If you have a concerns at any time, just let us know and we will work to satisfy them.

The people, equipment, products and treatment scheduling we incorporate at GreenTex Landscaping will deliver a beautiful and healthy landscape year around. We specialize in the following services:

  • Lawn Fertilization

  • Weed Control

  • Aeration

  • Shrub Care and Beautification


Fertilization, weed control service

Our fertilization and weed control program will beautify your lawn and grounds year around.

Fertilization is essential to beautiful, healthy lawns. It promotes new leaf and root growth, helps grass recover from pests and foot traffic, lessens and controls weeds, and helps replenish lost nutrients.  Without fertilization, weeds thrive in sun-damaged, dry, patchy areas and if left untreated, can overtake the lawn.  Ideally, fertilization should be applied by a professional as inexperience can lead to burning or destroying a once healthy lawn. The best products are only available to licensed professionals like GreenTex Landscaping.

The GreenTex Tried and True Annual 8-Step Fertilization/Weed-Control Plan
for North Texas Lawns.

With our 8-Step Program, a thick, healthy, green, weed-free lawn can be achieved, but it doesn’t happen over-night, and when it does, that’s no time to stop treatments.  Applications are spaced 4-6 weeks apart and run concurrently, year-after-year as follows:

  • Jan-Feb Round 1: Liquid application of a pre-emergent herbicide is applied early to block weeds. In Texas, when the season starts early and there’s no freeze, the schedule is adjusted to accommodate and beat the weeds that come earlier and earlier.
  • Early Spring Round 2: A liquid application of a post-emergent herbicide is used to help control grassy weeds
  • Summer Applications, Rounds 3-6 : Applications of granular slow release fertilizers are used to start the greening up process for the summer to come.
  • Late Fall, Round 7&8: An application of liquid pre-emergent is used to continue the weed control into the winter just as the grass is going dormant.


Did you know:

Weeds compete with grass and desirable plants for water, nutrients and sunlight?  With thick, healthy grass, weeds will be choked out and won’t  have a place to establish themselves in your lawn.  While it’s true that a few weeds can be pulled up by hand, because of their deep tap roots, many will grow right back.

Most weeds fall into one of two categories:  annual or perennial.

  • Annual weeds complete their life cycle in only one season.  However, they produce seeds at the end of the growing season to ensure future weed populations.  Pre-emergent herbicides are the best defense to inhibit their germination.
  • Perennial weeds will survive for many growing seasons once established in the landscape.  They reproduce through seeds and underground structures.  The most effective way to deal with perennial weeds is with post-emergent herbicides.

Most weeds also breakdown into either broadleaf or grassy categories.

  • Broadleaf weeds are  seen in many shapes and sizes, and like the name implies, they are generally more wide than the narrower and longer
  • Grassy weeds that you see in your lawn.  As a general rule, most grassy weed herbicides will not control broadleaf weeds and vice versa.
  • Nutsedge is a unique weed in that it is neither broadleaf nor grassy.  It falls under the category of a sedge.  Sedges are difficult to control as they form underground nutlets containing food reserves for their survival. Treatments provide control of the shoots and leaves above ground, but sedges may require multiple applications due to their ability to regenerate from below the ground.
Angies list Super Service Award

Each year, Angie’s List presents its Super Service Award to companies that have maintained a superior service rating. For the third straight year in a row, GreenTex Landscaping has achieved this award. Fewer than 5% of companies on Angie’s List meet our eligibility requirements.

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