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How to Protect Your Home Foundation with Landscaping

Homeowners know just how important landscaping is for their properties. A mix of lush vegetation, exotic decorations, and flower beds make for beautiful, eye-catching scenery.
However, that colorful spectacle provides many other benefits aside from enchanting aesthetics. One of them is preserving your home’s infrastructure and in this article, the experts at Granite Foundation Repair, a professional foundation repair company in Dallas, will show you how to use landscaping to protect the foundation of your house.

Plant trees wisely

Many people choose to plant trees close to the house to increase the shade during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, this type of planning can produce severe damage to your home’s foundation.
Trees may look pretty and comforting above the ground, but beneath it, they develop an intricate system of roots that can make its way under the foundation. As they grow old, the roots damage the construction and increase the amount of moisture under your house.
Your best choice is to plant large trees a few meters away from the house. If you want to have vegetation closer to your foundation, you can opt for small shrubs, ornamental trees or vines.

Expose some parts of the foundation

Some homeowners are not very proud of the way that their homes’ foundation looks like, so they try to cover as much of it as they can. This method is another unfortunate choice of landscaping that could damage the welfare of your construction.
Keep some parts of the foundation clear of any vegetation or decorations. This simple choice of scenery will enable you to check the status of the house from time to time and discover if it needs repairs or additional maintenance.
Having too much vegetation covering your foundation creates the perfect habitat for small parasites and rodents that can find a safe shelter in the mix of vines, tree roots and poorly maintained shrubs.

Upgrade your gutter system

When you first start planning an overhaul of the landscape around your home, you initially think of the trees, the shrubs, and the decorations that you will plant in your yard. However, the first thing that you need to consider is upgrading your gutter system.
The gutter system around your house is essential for clearing up the extra moisture and reducing the impact of nearby vegetation. Make sure that you use gutter extensions to pump water away from the foundation.
Clear the gutters from dirt, foliage and leaves to prevent them from clogging. Ensure that the rainwater reaches the sewers without pooling around your home, and check for any holes, gaps or leaks in the pipes.

Add compost to the flowers

The flowers and shrubs that you plant around your home have the essential role of attracting water from the ground and keeping it away from the foundation. By adding compost to these patches of vegetation, you help them retain more moisture and resist the summer drought without suffering too much damage.
Mulch also prevents the land in your yard from becoming too dry. Excessive dryness around your house can damage the construction and cause cracks in the foundation. You can use manure, wood chips, and even dead foliage to increase the moisture around the flowers on your property.

Control the moisture around the foundation

The amount of moisture around the foundation is critical for its long-term durability. Having water pooling around the construction can lead to severe damage beneath your house. Not enough moisture leads to cracks in the walls. So, how do you manage to control the quality of the soil around your home?
Your best choice is to maintain a constant control of the moisture. Ensure that the flower beds slope away from the construction. Do not water the vegetation excessively, and make sure that the sprinklers do not throw any water on the foundation. Also, keep an eye on the weather conditions and adjust the amount of water that your yard gets according to the seasonal changes.

Even out the landscaping scenery

It is essential that you add landscaping to every side of your home. This method will ensure that every part of the construction benefits from an equal amount of moisture and shade. Having all the vegetation only in the front yard will encourage the formation of mold on this side, and erosion of the walls facing the backyard.

As you can see, landscaping your yard is more than just about eye-catching aesthetics. The flowers, the trees and the decorations that you choose to have on your property can protect the foundation of your house if you use them properly. Take your time in planning the future landscape of your home. Prioritize the safety and durability of the construction, and avoid exchanging the protection of your foundation for beautiful, but harmful scenery.

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